A Mind Sifter

 In the mind

My mind can be a truly messy place. I love our digital age as much as the next person, but because of the easy accessibility of so many attention-vying tools nowadays, I often find my head being filled with empty, meaningless info that tends to squeeze its way into my thought capacity, pushing other, far more worthy things out with its dominance. The things I need to be focused on will try to work their way back in, but my distracted mind will be so full with other details, that it all winds up a wash: I wind up accomplishing nothing due to being overwhelmed with all the extra clutter in my head. The war between the worthy and the unworthy will get me no where, and I’ll have wasted more time contemplating my frustration than actually accomplishing anything in the first place.

Today, I need a mind sifter. What’s a mind sifter? It’s a concentrated effort to sift out all the junky, unworthy thoughts and pursuits that try to take up precious space in my consciousness. It’s a tool for helping me focus on the things that deserve my attention (ie, my relationship with God, my tasks as a mother and wife, and my God-given purpose), while letting the things that don’t (ie pointless arguing, insecurity, and baseless entertainment), fall through the cracks and out of my mind.

Take a mental sifter to your mind today and shake it up! Watch as the things that don’t deserve your thoughts and time fall through, leaving behind the things of value that truly deserve to be there. It will bring clarity, perspective, and, I think you’ll find, you may just start to accomplish more with your days. When we stay focused on the important things, we’ll feel more fulfilled, knowing at the end of the day, that we did what we should have instead of wasting our time idly.

So, let’s get sifting!

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