What I’m (re)Reading: So Long Insecurity

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I read this book a little under three years ago, and couldn’t think of a better choice of subject for my Monday morning Ladies Bible study group. I have been getting so manypieces of revelation from it this time around that I completely missed in my first read. I just love Beth’s candor and honesty as she discusses the topic of insecurity. She is a successful woman who could just as easily let us all believe that she has it all together. Instead, though, she brings a frankness and sense of self-depreciation to her writing that I admire and relate to.

Intrinsically, we’re all insecure in one way or another. It’s just impossible to avoid if you’re a citizen on planet Earth. The first step in conquering these insecurities, is to identify that we have them in the first place. Beth does a fantastic job of outlining a clear, definite way to find our own insecurities, as they often mask themselves under much gentler pretence. She states that her goal in writing this book, was to have an insecure woman open it and a secure woman close it. Wow, count me in!

Throughout a nice combination of Biblical insight, personal stories, and researched data, Beth paints a picture of how we can live a life that is not bound by insecurities. Not that we’ll ever live a life completely free from them, but that we can come to a place of conquering them with the proper tools.

In my dealing with women on a daily basis, I’ve found that we are all in desperate need of a good dose of insecurity-blasting. This book has been and continues to be a wonderful source of freedom for me and the women in my study who are reading it, as well. We’ve already seen revelation as insecurities were finally called out and named, and continue to watch as God uses this in each of us weekly to make a change for the better in our lives. Whether you’re a woman or a man who deals with insecurity on any level, this book will help you! I highly recommend that you pick up a copy today!

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