Happy Birthday, Sis!

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Happy Birthday to my beautiful sister Lorie! Growing up, our seven and a half year age difference made for some separation in phase of life. Now, though, we’re both experiencing the joys of being new mommys to little boys, and getting to experience that together has been incredible! My sister has a quiet strength that you’d be foolish to underestimate. She is a woman of God, a woman of faith, and one of the most caring and loyal people I’ve ever known. She has always been an incredible example of generosity and kindness, and she does it all with a grace that pays homage to her middle name of that same virtue.

Lorie, I love you! Thanks for being the best big sis ever! Even though I’ve often been a pesky, irritating little sister, you’ve always made me feel loved, supported, and believed in. I pray that this year is filled with unexpected miracles, joy, and dreams born and fulfilled! Love you, sis!

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