Saving Me From Me

 In purpose

“Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; He is the Messiah, the Lord.”

– Luke 2:11

My husband and I had a really challenging conversation in the car late Saturday night. We were driving home from watching our beloved Cowboys beat the Buccaneers in their home stadium, when Jason suddenly asked me what it meant that Christ was our Savior. Immediately, the obvious answer sprung to mind: Christ saved me from hell and eternal condemnation. But then, I dug a little deeper. I thought about how Christ being Savior means so much more than that. How not only is my eternal life affected, but my life here on this earth, also.

I thought about how Christ coming saved me from living a life without purpose. It is because of my relationship with God that I wake up every day and move forward in what I feel He has called me to do. I don’t have to wander aimlessly looking for my worth. Through Him, I have reason to live, reason to fight the fight, and reason to make every day one worth remembering. Through Him I’ve found my purpose: doing His will. That may change over the years – I may be called to be a mother to two young preschoolers right now, but in 10 years, that calling will look quite different – but the thing that always remains is that with Christ, every day can count. My life has meaning and purpose because He came to save me.

Because Christ came to save, I am saved from living a life of hopelessness. With Him, I don’t have to worry that things won’t ever get better, because I know they will. It is when we lose hope that we lose it all. Hope is what drives us forward and helps us have the will to fight. Because Christ came, I have hope that I will spend eternity with Him, and that I am never alone here on this earth and in this lifetime. Just knowing that He is always with me gives me the hope to know that I can walk through whatever life may bring, knowing I don’t have to face these struggles in my own strength.

In short, He saved me from, well, me. I tend to always find a way to complicate things. Left to my own devices, I would lead a selfish life that would ultimately bring very little satisfaction. With Him, however, I can find purpose, passion, and strength. With Him, I can laugh and have joy, even in the midst of bad circumstances. With Him, I am complete.

This Christmas, remember and reflect on just what it means that Christ is our Savior. What has He saved you from?

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