Pray for Today

 In God, Prayer

Here’s a scenario: imagine my surprise if tomorrow when I woke up, my sons thanked me for getting them breakfast, for the roof over their heads, the clothes they were wearing, and for carrying them around for 9 months while they were formed. I would probably pinch myself, look around for hidden cameras, or ask my husband what exactly he had put them up to. It’s not that my children are ungrateful. No, they are sure to thank us when they receive something that they value. The fact is simply that they have never wanted for food, clothing, or shelter, so they don’t appreciate it for the gift that it is. That’s why when I sometimes deny them a particular treat or desire, I’m sure that to them, I seem cruel and unreasonable. They ask for so little, right? Why can’t I just give them that one thing they want? Little do they know, however, of all the things I am constantly giving to them and for them that they never have to ask for to begin with. They don’t think about the hours my husband puts in at the church to provide for us. They don’t think about the time I spent making sure they have food that they’ll eat. They simply don’t think that way.

Am I like my kids in regards to my prayer life and view on God’s provision? Do I ask Him only for those things that are huge and maybe not even the plan for me at all, so that when I don’t get them, I feel discouraged for prayers gone unanswered? Am I so entitled that I forget that each day I wake up in a warm bed with food to eat for breakfast is already a day that God has provided for me and an answer to a prayer I didn’t even have to pray? Do I realize that I can and should come to Him for my “daily bread,” realizing that each day is a provision in and of itself?

Today, try something new: pray for your daily needs in addition to your big, overall needs. Ask Him to help you have strength and grace in raising your kids today. Ask Him for a blessing on your interview at work today. Ask Him to show You Himself in a new way today. Ask Him to give you an opportunity to impact someone’s life today. And while you’re at it, thank Him for all He’s done today. Thank Him that you woke up in health and had the strength to be able to do the housework that stressed you out. Thank Him that you have two kids to mess up your house so you have to clean it in the first place. Thank Him that you have a house to begin with! When your prayers are more daily-focused, your answers will be daily, as well.

It’s all in a change of perspective. As you change your approach, you may just find that you feel God is a lot more active in your day-to-day than you imaged Him to be. You may feel Him in a new, real way that encourages your faith for those bigger requests. Try it out. I think you may just see that He is able to surprise you today, tomorrow, and for the rest of your life.

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