A Miracle on the Way to a Miracle

 In God's will, The Word

One of my favorite childhood memories has got to be our yearly pilgrimage to South Carolina for Thanksgiving. We always had such a wonderful time with my Grams and Gramps celebrating the holiday, but it was more than that. The traditions, the love, THE FOOD!, all of it was just incredible. Not only that, but the trip itself, the eight hour journey in a van with my parents and sister, was just as memorable as the destination. I eagerly anticipated the journey there just as much as the actual time spent in South Carolina.

Oddly, in life, we often miss the beauty of the journey we’re on, because we’re only focused on the destination or the finish line. While our hearts may be set on the day when we will be married, we can miss the importance and purpose of our single days. While waiting to become a parent, we could easily miss the opportunities we have that not having children yet allows. While waiting for a new job, we could stop doing our current job well, and stop meeting set appointments that God could still have for our time there. While waiting for our kids to grow past the diaper stage, we could miss the beauty of each day and the joy that every stage of their growth brings.

The point is, that life is so much more about the journey than just arriving at destinations. I truly believe that some of our biggest accomplishments in life will be the result of a well-executed journey. Every day (yes, even the mundane days when it feels like you’re stuck on a perpetual repeat of mindless tasks) is an opportunity, an appointment, a chance to do something. Let’s not forget that we wouldn’t even get to the destination without the journey. We have to take steps to get us where we need to be, and those steps are ripe with purpose and meaning.

Jesus once performed a miracle on the way to a miracle. Synagogue leader Jarius came to Him and asked Him if He would come and heal his sick daughter (Mark 5). Jesus was following Jarius on the way to his home when a woman with a bleeding disorder saw Him and grabbed onto His robe so that she, too, could be healed. Others could have scoffed at her, since Jesus was already on His way to His destination: healing the sick daughter of Jarius. But she knew that His journey there was her opportunity to be healed, so she took it. There was a miracle that day on the way to a miracle.

Don’t miss your chance for miracles and divine appointments today. Yes, today, laundry day. Yes, today, review day at the office. Yes, today, the day when others around you are focused on something else. There are opportunities for you today, and all you have to do is reach out and take them!

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