Bible Study Wrap-Up: David: Seeking a Heart Like His

 In The Word

I recently had the privilege of leading an amazing group of women in this fantastic study. Just yesterday we had our last session after 11 weeks of study together. It was an incredible journey through the life of this faith hero. A few things are sure to always stay with me from this great experience in the Word:

– David was anointed and called a long time before he actually began his reign

– David went through incredible hardships before he was able to step into his kingdom, and even then, troubles didn’t stay too far away

– Obedience is everything. God always had David’s heart, but it was when he allowed himself to begin to stray from what he knew to be God’s commands to him that trouble began to overtake him

– At the end of the day, David seems set apart because of his incredible heart of worship. He may have started a few songs with distress and questioning, but he always came back to remembering the goodness of God.


At the end of the day, it’s all about love. David loved God and God loved David. I want to be known by my heart for the Lord, as well. I want to be someone who always comes back to their first love – my love for Him. I want to be known as David was known – as someone after God’s own heart.

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