The Set-Up

 In faith

There’s nothing better in a movie than a great set-up. When all seems lost or hopeless, suddenly the mask is ripped off or the bad guy revealed as not such a bad guy, and suddenly, the tables have turned! It was all a set-up! The good guys win, the audience cheers, and the love interests get their “happily ever after.” To make the movie more interesting, though, there had to be those moments where it seemed like there was no way to resolve the mess that the hero had found himself in. We have to sweat along with him and fret over how in the world he’ll be able to work himself out of his current mess. It makes for a better movie experience. After all, how exciting would the film be if it was simply a roadblock-less journey of perfection? Chances are, that wouldn’t be a movie we’d rave about to our friends.

Do you find yourself facing more obstacles than you can count? Are you surrounded on all sides by enemies? Do your circumstances look so bleak that you have begun to lose all hope of making it out alive? There’s good news today. You may very well be in the middle of a set-up. The thing is, you don’t even have to be aware that you are part of one to be a major player in it. God specializes in these moments. Why? Not because he enjoys watching us squirm, but because He enjoys stepping into a situation where only He could make something right.

I am challenging myself to change my perspective. When I face seemingly hopeless circumstances, my first instinct is to panic. Instead, I’m trying to remind myself that I may very well just be in the middle of a set-up. The stage is set, the situation looks bad, but don’t worry, this isn’t how the movie of your life will end. Enter God. He can come in and make a way where there previously was not a way. You don’t see a door of escape? That’s okay. God can create doors.

Today, your set-up may be in motion. Trust Him to come through and rescue you just in time.

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