The Lost Son

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Can you allow me a moment to brag about my amazing husband? I can’t help it. I’m so proud of the man of God he is continually growing into. This Sunday, he was encouraging the congregation of Access to invite friends and family to church on Easter, and he gave this example:

He talked about how one day he and Joey were outside cleaning the garage, when suddenly, Joey went missing. Every unimaginable thought of horror ran through his mind in the short span before he realized Joey had simply run off to the side of the house. You know what didn’t cross his mind during that time? The comfort in thinking that we had another son inside the house should anything have happened to Joey. Why? Because Joey and Gavin are both separate, cherished, special little boys to us. We would be no less devastated to lose Joey because of Gavin’s existence. One doesn’t make up for the other. They are both special and precious to us. He continued further to explain how God feels that way about each of us. We can’t turn our head at even one life that is lost, because every single one is a child of God and precious to Him.

We have so many opportunities to share the Lord with unbelievers, but are we taking them? Are we keeping the urgency of the lost at the forefront of our minds as we go about our day? Do we even think about the eternal destinatin of those we come across in stores, our kid’s schools, or the workplace? Are we realizing that there’s a Father in Heaven who is just as passionate about that person coming Home as Jason was when he thought our precious Joey was missing?

This week you have an amazing opportunity to do something about those lost lives: invite someone to church this Sunday! Statistically, Easter is one day where many people feel more open to attending church. This one day can make all the difference in the rest of their lives. Don’t let fear or self-consciousness keep you from making the difference in where someone will spend eternity. Step out! Invite someone to church. Pray that God will move on their hearts. We have an amazing opportunity here – let’s not let is pass us by!

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