What I’m Reading: The Cause Within You

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I am currently reading “The Cause Within You” by Matthew Barnett. I am only a few chapters in, and already, I’m captivated. Matthew is the founder of the Dream Center in Los Angeles, CA, a groundbreaking ministry that reaches out to some of the city’s most “unlovable.” He shares the great freedom that comes from finding the cause that God has placed on your life and allowing it to breathe new purpose into your existence.

When talking about the moment that God spoke to him and called him to reach the forgotten people of Los Angeles, Barnett says that the Lord spoke these words to him:

“I love these people. If you reach the people that nobody wants, I’ll send you the people that everybody wants.”

He also talks about how God changed his definition of success with this simple thought:

“Success is obedience to your calling;”

I am excited to grasp onto this concept in my own life. I want to plug into my “cause” with 110%. I want to watch as I come to life by doing what I was born to do. I look forward to sharing more with you all along the way.

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