LMKTM: Having Patience


I have a confession to make: I can be such a hypocrite. I can become exasperated at my kids for repeating the same grievances over and over (and over), roll my eyes, and mope. In the next heartbeat, though, I’m running to prayer and asking God to forgive me for something that I may have done over and over (and over). Ouch.

Or maybe it’s my expectations of others. I cringe and groan when I see someone struggling with something that’s been a constant in their life, and yet fail to realize that I’ve been struggling with some things for twice as long. Oops

Why is it that we have such a limited supply of patience when it comes to others, but then expect limitless patience when we are the ones who stand to gain? The simple answer is probably just good ol’ fashioned selfishness. It’s not pretty, but it sure is there in all of us.

Today, before I’m tempted to huff and puff at my kids for once again doing that thing which I’ve repeatedly told them not to, I’m going to wait, take a deep breath, and smile. I’ll think about all my many missteps, and how I’d be lost if it wasn’t for a merciful God who continues to forgive me time after time. When I look at my boys, I’ll try to look at them the way God looks at me, and I’ll find that it makes me a better mother, and a more patient person.

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