Ode to Anger

 In poetry

I’m so angry

I can barely breathe

My skin is hot, my heart beats fast

Anger has overtaken me


Anger, you’ve blinded me

To the point that I can’t see

Don’t try to reason, I’m too far gone

Anger’s my captor, this is my misery


I don’t see red

I don’t really see at all

I tried to push you down

But, turns out,  it just made me fall


What’s sad is I don’t even remember

How this started, when it began

I was afraid to question God

So I took it all into my own hands


I’m angry at my circumstance

I’m angry at people

I’m angry that I’m afraid to be angry

But mostly? I’m angry at me


I’m angry that I can’t move on

I’m waiting for justice that may never come

I’m angry that I let it get this far

I’m angry that this is what my life has become


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