What Happened To Your Trust?

 In God, Life

What happened to you along the way in life that caused your trust in God to falter? A heartbreak? A loss? An attack on your body? A betrayal? Whether you have acknowledged it yet or not, we allow our experiences in life to shape our trust in God – good or bad.

Maybe your life has been good lately. No pain, no loss, much gain. You’ve started to say things like, “My life is good! I’m so blessed! God is so good!” Danger! Warning! Will you be able to still say those things if your life isn’t looking quite so rosy? When it’s painful just to put one foot in front of the other (physically or metaphorically)?

Today, think about this question. Get real and get honest(Matthew 6:6, The Message). Confess to God that thing that you’ve been holding onto that’s been causing you to stumble where trust is concerned. He already knows what you’re thinking anyway, so you may as well come to Him honestly and let Him help you heal. Don’t worry that you’ll shock Him with your honesty – impossible. He knows you better than you know yourself. Let Him prove that today, as you allow Him to show you the way back to wholehearted trust.

The reality is, that we were never promised a pain-free life (John 16:33). Bad things do happen to good people. The difference for a believer, however, is that we can always trust (there’s that word again!) that God will not leave us or forsake us, even in our darkest hours, and that in the end, He is always Sovereign and always has a plan. I may not understand His plan, but I know that He knows what He’s doing.

Reconcile your trust with the truth of God’s Sovereignty. He is all-knowing and sees things that you and I may never see in this lifetime. Know that it’s okay to not understand everything that happens in your life, but still trust that when we don’t know, He does. Where we have confusion, He is secure. He sees you, He knows. You can trust Him.  

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