It’s Not About YOU!

 In God

Why is it that we tend to forget how little of our walk with God is actually on us? Why do we make EVERYTHING about what prayer we’re supposed to pray, what position we should kneel in, or what “magic formula” to use to get God to pay attention to us? There’s something very wrong with that train of thought – it is not now, nor has it ever been about YOU!

You are not responsible for God’s sovereignty in your life. He just is. You can’t win God’s favor through your works, but simply through your faith. Ah, you might say, but that’s the part I have trouble with. I’m better at doing. Trust me, this control freak sympathizes, but it still won’t work. We don’t earn our salvation through good works, but by simple faith.

If we understand this, then why is it that we struggle to do so much in our walk with God? Why are we uncomfortable with the concept of just sitting back and allowing Him to lead and guide? Is it because we have a hard time waiting? Is it because we lack trust?

Don’t get me wrong. There will be many times in your life when God says, “Go.” Still, if you’re anything like me, you find that when a challenge or a hard time comes, you start scurrying around, looking for the perfect formula or combination of words to procure God’s blessing. This is twisted. God does not operate like this. It’s never been about what we can offer, but rather, Who He is.

I always cringe when someone receives a healing and someone else says to them, “Wow, God must love you so much!” Cringe. What does that say to the one still waiting on their healing? Or to the one who will not receive their healing on this side of eternity? This is not an issue of God’s love. God’s love is not manifested in all He can do for us. God’s love is simply His essence, and that is what will truly sustain us. Good circumstances will make you smile for a moment, but an encounter with a loving God will rock your world and shake you to your core.

So take a breath and relax. It’s not about you and what you can do. It’s about Him and Who He is. 

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