Daily Provision

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I used to pray for my whole life in one prayer. “Lord, help me in my life to have Your health, peace, joy, etc. May I never know fear, pain, and suffering, now and always.” I then used to marvel in sadness when I’d encounter these things, wondering where exactly God was in my situation and why He had not answered my blanket prayers for my life.

Then God started to teach me something. He loves to be needed by me – daily. If He were to grant me all of my prayers in one sitting, chances are, I wouldn’t come back to Him. But that’s just what He wants. He wants me to come to Him, to need Him – daily. It teaches me to rely on Him. It allows Him to show just how real He is.

Remember the Israelites and manna? God rained manna down from the sky daily and the children of Israel went out and gathered what they needed for that day. What happened when they tried to play God, think ahead, and gather more in advance? The food would rot. See, there was a principle there that God wanted to teach them – we need to come to Him daily and allow Him to provide for us. He wants us dependent on Him. He wants us to need Him. He loves it when we rely on Him literally for what we need for that very day.

Now my prayers are a little different. I try to take it one day at a time. I try to come to Him daily, asking for what I need for that day. The planner in me sometimes hates this, but in my soul, I find much better results when I can just ask Him for what I need to get through the day. It makes Him so real. He is real. Come to Him today. He’s waiting with what You need.

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